21 November 2012

Happy hour!

This site can really make your day happier! Just click on the picture below and enjoy!

20 November 2012

Long time no see

It's been over a month, since I last made a post! The truth is that I wasn't in a very good mood and blogging didn't seem a good idea. And then something happened! I saw these awards that three sweet girls gave me and boom! Blogging was back to program. So, the least I have to do is to thank Giota, Mahi and Sheena for their little help! Now I have to give the first award (Liebster) to 5 blogs with less than 200 readers and the second one (A friendly blog) to 7. Let's see how to do this. The first five blogs get both awards and the last two, since they have over 200 readers, get the Friendly blog award: 1. Peekaboo | 2. My lifebox  | 3. Stars stripes and dots | 4. Heartcore | 5. Miranta's little garden | 6. Έξυπνες ιδέες | 7. Owl mommy.