30 September 2012

New friend

You know how sharks go round and round their victims before attacking? This is exactly the way Melina goes around her new friend Pinocchio! That poor wooden thing had so many crashes that I’m sure if it could speak, it would certainly say: “GO AWAY AND STOP TOUCHING ME!” Yes! That cute face you see in that frame! This is how Elias pictured Melina when she was 6 months old. You probably don’t see the resemblance now but back then, I assure you, this is how she looked!

29 September 2012

September is here?

This is a question I ask myself! 10 days ago the first rain visited us and everything felt like September. I thought that the climate is not so messed up, as they say. But here we are now, ready to go to the beach, again! Well, Elias really went to the beach today (he is doing some work on our summer house)! Anyway, I will stop complaining. Maybe it's that thing that gets you right after summer vacation is over: "Ok summer is over. I want winter, NOW!".

17 September 2012

Smiles :)

Some things that made me smile last week: The wedding of a close friend (that's where the flower is from), wearing my new shoes and Melina's soooo innocent look! What made you smile recently?

16 September 2012

A Thursday afternoon

I found these fake moustaches, in a store. What's better on a Thursday afternoon, than to pose with an attitude! Well, Melina didn't actually posed as a "banker" (that was her moustache theme). Elias on the other hand I think he got the "biker" look. It was a fun afternoon. I recommend a little bit of silliness every now and then!

11 September 2012

Before & After

September is here and so is my mood for renovation! We are back from our vacation two weeks now and we are busy changing our home. I love “before & after” pictures. I usually forget to take the “before” picture! But I found some by luck.
The kitchen looked, and was, very old. So, we decided to paint everything. Literally everything. The cupboards, the walls, the tiles, the bike and we placed white wooden floor to cover that terrible green marble!

Melina’s room was our home office and we have changed its form maaaany times. Elias is always teasing me about that!

The fireplace was a bit boring and didn’t match with the living room. So here it is all yellow and fresh!
Changing our home always make me smile and it definitely changes my mood. Autumn is perfect for that kind of change. So don’t think too much if you should paint the wall bright fuchsia or black, just do it!